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NGO Management

NGOs have grown tremendously across all parts of the globe in the 21st century in almost every realm of the human life, and that too when it has faced a lot of obstacles in the 20th century. Undoubtedly, NGOs today have become one of the integral parts of the Indian economy. There would hardly be any social issue that has not been covered by an NGO. Moreover, there are 100+ NGOs dealing with one issue in the country, majority of them is been run by the college students, employees and school students. With so many NGOs already running across the country, on the national and international level, one cannot sublime the need of NGO Management today. This section primarily aims to provide you with the critical view of NGO Management and to highlight the Key Factors of NGO Management and Planning. 

What is NGO Management?

In simple terms, management refers to the process of making decisions and solving problems. But do you know how most important decisions of the organizations are made? How plans are made to materialize the organisation’s objectives? How one of the most critical problems of the organization are solved through NGO Management?

It happens by answering the 3 magical questions, which are –

  • What do we want?
  • What do we have?
  • How can we use what we have to get what we want?

Hire Our NGO Management Service To Meet Your Objectives

“We don’t wait for the problem to happen. We don’t let the problem happen.”

If you are working towards the achievement of your goals day and night you won’t want any silly mistake to restrict chances of success for you. Isn’t it? Hence the role of NGO management service arises. Generally, a common mistake that every NGO makes is that they solve a problem after it arises rather than chalking out clear objectives for themselves and avoiding the problem to erupt. In most cases, a problem arises when we are unable to view the saplings of them. If we will be having a clear objective in our hand we will automatically be redirected to the above mentioned 3 questions and uproot the problem.

We have over a decades experience in providing NGO Management services in Delhi and our USP lies in the fact that we help the organization to identify the above mentioned 3 questions and efficiently do NGO management.

Answering The 4 Questions For You

No matter what the size of the organization is: large, small, medium, a group of individuals or an unstructured community, its efficiency will multiply by manifolds if it develops the art of answering 3 main questions:

  • What do we want?
  • What do we have?
  • How can we use what we have to get what we want?
  • What will happen when we get it?

Our NGO management service will help you to tap these 3 major questions and will guide you to take important decisions for your organization. So, without further ado, let’s talk about these 3 essential questions in detail which are also the key factors of NGO Management.

What Do We Want?

We make you ask this question from yourself – “what do we want’’ – and we guide you to understand what caused the problem in the first place. Is it because you are not clear about your vision? Is it because you are giving less or almost no importance to your team’s goals? Is it because you are not fulfilling your social responsibilities? Or is it because you are engaged in controversial activities? Before looking for the solution it is very important to know what do you want as an NGO? Once you are clear about what you want you will easily find the solution to your problem.

How We Help

After going through the problem your organization is facing our NGO management team will go through the activities your organization is performing.
And then we ask you “what do you want?” Naturally, you will say stuff like –

  • We want a solution to the problem.
  • We want to get rid of the problem.
  • We want xyz person (or entity) to apologize

… etc etc.

It all depends upon the kind of problem you are facing. But instead of sympathizing with you we instigate you to think beyond the turmoil you are going through so that you can identify what you actually want in that situation. After we are clear about what do we want we move on to our next question “what do we have” that takes you a step closer to the solution of your problem.

What Do We Have

Once you are clear about “what do you want” you will now want to know “what do we have”. Our NGO management team creates a list of resources that you have at a point of time and also with the support of your team finds out how those resources can be used to mitigate or to uproot the problem.

How Do We Get What We Want With What We Have

After we have discovered what all resources your organization is having and what are the limitations that are causing hindrance in the achievement of your goal, our NGO management team chalks out the plan to applicate the available resources in such a way that you are able to cut through the adversities and achieve your goal.

NGO Registration

As a part of our NGO management service, we also provide our clients with the service of NGO registration in Delhi. We provide both offline and online NGO registration. NGO registration in India is through a hectic process but it is not the case when you enter our NGO registration office in Delhi (famously known as Rahul Rawat & Associates). We make the NGO management process easy and feasible for you. In case you are looking for NGO management services in Delhi-NCR and Noida at an affordable rate feel free to contact us.