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Goods & Services Tax (GST) has tremendously improved the ease of doing business in India and has increased the no. of taxpayers by bringing in millions of small businesses in India.
After the abolition and inclusion of multiple taxes into a single system, tax complexities have been reduced while the no. of taxpayers have increased substantially.

Who all need GST Registration?

A business organization or an entity is screened through a layer of criterions in order to conclude if a particular organization/an entity/ a company needs GST registration or not. The set of criteria is discussed as follows:

Turnover Criteria

If the entities are selling goods and/or services with an annual aggregate turnover of more than Rs.20*lakhs in most states then they are required to do GST Registration.
Only in the cases of special category, Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration is required if the aggregate turnover (annually) of the business is 10* lakhs.
In case a business organization is involved in any of the following cases mentioned below, the entity is subjected to do GST registration. (* limit changed to 40 & 20 respectively effect 01/04/2019)

Inter-State Supply

GST Registration is must for the organizations, irrespective of the amount of aggregate annual turnover the organization is generating if they are selling goods and/or services to the regions belonging to a different state,

For example, if a business organization in Maharashtra is selling goods to a business entity in Tamil Nadu then the organization is entitled to do GST registration.

E-Commerce Sellers

Entities selling goods and/or services through e-commerce platforms are supposed to do GST registration irrespective of the amount of the aggregate annual turnover the entity is generating.

Hence, entities/companies earning money through e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, by selling goods and/or services will have to do Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration.

Existing Taxpayers

All the entities who have registered for service tax or VAT or central excise, they are entitled to do Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration.
All the respective tax departments have provided Provisional IDs and passwords to the existing taxpayers so that they can complete the formalities of Goods & Services Tax (GST) migration and generate GSTIN.

GST Number:

A GST number or GSTIN includes the state code (first 2 digits), PAN card number (next 10 digits), entity number of the same PAN holder (13th digit of the GSTIN number) of the business organization to be registered.

Casual Taxable Persons

A casual taxable person is the one who frequently supplies goods and/or services and he has no fixed place of business.
Example: A fireworks shop set up during Diwali time.

Entities are required to register for GST as per the regulations created by the government.
The GST application must be filed within 30 days from the date on which the entity became liable for registration under Goods & Services Tax (GST).
Get GST registration online even if your business’s aggregate annual turnover is less than 20 lakhs.


  • If you do not register for GST then, you won’t be in a position to claim tax refunds on purchases. So, if you buy goods worth Rs 1 lakh in a year and the tax rate is 28% then, you will lose a tax refund of worth Rs. 28,000.
  • You cannot sell goods and/or services outside your state.

GST Registration Documents

  • PAN Card of the Business or Applicant

GSTIN is linked to the PAN Card of the business. Hence, the PAN Card is required to obtain the GST registration certificate.

  • Identity and Address Proof of Promoters

It must be ensured that, while an entity is applying for GST registration, it must submit the following as the identity & the address proof of its promoters:
1. PAN card
2. Passport
3. Driving license
4. Aadhar card
5. Voters ID card

S.No Type of the Business Organization or the Company Designation of the Person whose Identity and address proof needs to be submitted
1 Sole Proprietorship firm Proprietor
2 Partnership firm/LLP Managing/authorized/designated partners ● Personal details of all the partners need to be submitted.
● Photos of only 10 partners (including the managing partner) need to be submitted.
3 Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) Karta
4 Company Managing Director (MD), Directors and authorized person
5 Trust Managing trustee, trustees and authorized person
6 Association of Persons (AOP) or Body of Individuals Members of the managing committee.< ● Personal details of all the members need to be submitted.
● Photos of only 10 members (including that of the chairman) need to be submitted.
7 Local Authority CEO or his equivalent
8 Statutory Body CEO or his equivalent
9 Others Person(s) in charge

Business Registration Document

A business organization or a company must submit a business registration proof i.e. incorporation certificate or partnership deed or registration certificate in case it is a registered entity.

In case of a proprietorship firm, a sole proprietor is not entitled to submit a business registration document as the proprietor and the proprietorship firm are considered as the same legal entity.

In the case of a partnership firm, the firm must submit a partnership deed.
In the case of LLP or Company, the company must submit the incorporation certificate received from MCA.

In case the entity is a society, trust, club, a government department or is a body of individuals, the entity can provide a registration certificate as a business registration proof of the organization.

Address Proof for Place of Business

At the time an organization is applying for the GST registration in India, it must provide the address proof of the location where the entity is running its operation.

The document that can be used as the address proof:

Rental agreement/the sales deed, along with the copies of electricity bill/latest property tax receipt/the municipal khata.

Bank Account Proof

Use scanned copy of the first page of the bank passbook of your bank account as the bank account proof for GST registration.

The first page of the bank passbook must include a few transactions and the address of the business organization.

Digital Signature

In order to do GST registration and to file GST in India, a business organization or a company needs a class 2 digital signature.
All the documents that are submitted to the Government under GST, including GST registration applications or documents uploaded to the GST common portal, all of them must be digitally signed.

Applicant Type Designation of the Person whose Identity and address proof needs to be submitted
Proprietorship Proprietor
Partnership Managing/Authorized Partners
Hindu Undivided Family Karta
Private Limited Company Managing/Whole Time Directors
Public Limited Company Managing/Whole Time Directors
Society/Club/Trust/AOP Members of the Managing Committee
Government Department Person in charge
Public Sector Undertaking Managing/Whole Time Director
Unlimited Company Managing/Whole Time Director
Limited Liability Partnership Designated Partners
Local Authority Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Or equivalent
Statutory Body Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Or equivalent
Foreign Company The authorized person in India
Foreign Limited Liability Partnership The authorized person in India
Others (specify) Person in charge

Normally, it takes 2-6 working days to do GST registration in India. The process of getting the application signed with the department and getting the digital signatures of the authorized person(s) takes a few days.

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Well, we just follow the following steps –

The GST registration procedure is as follows:

  • GST certificate with ARN and GSTIN number;
  • GST HSN codes with rates;
  • GST invoice formats;
  • GST return filing software;
  • GST invoicing software.

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Apart from offline Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration services we also provide online Goods & Services Tax (GST) registration services.

Online GST registration is necessary for the following:

  • NRIs entitled to pay tax;
  • Entities involved in e-commerce activities;
  • Business entities that are selling goods & services via e-commerce operators or platforms;
  • Individuals who are paying TDS on their income;
  • Entities engaged in the provision of online information/retrieval services/database access etc.

Most of the entities or business organizations running in the country as on 1st June 2017 are required to complete online GST registration.

Also, the entities that are not entitled to complete online GST can do online GST registration on a voluntary basis. Doing so will enable the business entity to earn a legal recognition for itself as a supplier of goods and/or services thereby, bringing itself in a position to impose GST its customers without any hassle.

Business organizations will also be in a position to avail input tax credit after completing online GST registration.

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You will be penalized if you have not completed online GST Registration

In case you fail to pay tax or you are unable to make a full payment you will be charged the penalty amounting to 10% of the total tax amount. If 10% of the total tax amount amounts to anything less you will be entitled to pay a minimum of Rs. 10,000/- as the fine.

GST is the slap on the face for those who try to evade tax. In case it has been found out that you have evaded tax deliberately then you will be charged with the penalty of straight 100% of the total tax amount.

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